After presentation and City Council discussion, a public input period is open for residents to provide feedback on the proposed budget and any potential changes. 

City Council holds a Reconciliation Workshop during the first week of May before voting on the final budget.

FY 24 Proposed Documents

Executive Summary 

A comprehensive overview of the policies that guide the development and implementation of the annual budget. 

This document is designed to provide a quick understanding of the financing strategies of the City.

Operating Budget

Detailed information on the City’s anticipated spending needs for the upcoming fiscal year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30. 

It provides detailed discussions of revenues and appropriations for each department.

CIP Budget

The annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget is organized into sections based on functional areas, which include a brief description of the project, a financing plan and a map, if applicable.

City Council Informal - 03/07/2023
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Watch the presentation to City Council from the Real Estate Assessor. Starts at 0:50.

City Council Informal - 03/21/2023
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Watch the presentation to City Council on the proposed budget. Starts at 46:40.

City Council Special Formal - 04/11/2023
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Watch the presentation to City Council on proposed tax relief options. Starts at 27:45.

At the March 21, 2023, City Council meeting, City Council requested “sliding scale” options for tax rate reductions between 1 cent and 4 cents of the real estate tax. When creating a sliding scale for real estate tax reductions, City leadership made a few assumptions, including that all dedications and existing policies remain the same and that reductions initially focus on major budget changes prior to baseline services. 

With each penny reduction, a corresponding reduction will need to be made for General Fund expenditures for both the School and City operations.

The reduction options provided are options for consideration but are not intended to be presented as the only possible reduction options. 

The list primarily targets staffing and Operating Budget additions included in the City Manager’s Proposed FY 2023-24 Operating Budget and CIP. 

The reduction options are categorized into one of six categories: Tourism, Quality of Life, Communications/Customer Services, Recruitment and Retention, Maintenance and Public Safety.

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